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08 June 2008 @ 02:36 am
You stink! Get a shower you hippie!  

1. Name: Anne
2. Age: 34
3. Gender: *checks girly bits* yep, female
4. Do you care if you're stamped as a guy or a girl? don't really care, one way or the other?

5. Three Words (or more) to Describe Yourself: Fanatical; Paranoid; Emotional
6. Strengths: Friendly; easy to make friends; caring
7. Weaknesses: Too trusting; paranoid; tend to overeat when feeling depressed or anxious
8. Dreams: I guess my most important dream would be to one day have enough money to travel the world meeting all my online friends in person and having a giant fangirly squeefest with them *LOL*
9. Fears: Never getting pregnant. I really really want to be pregnant but finding a man who isn't a complete wanker or idiot is harder than finding pirate's treasure
10. Talents: I'm very strong for short bursts (I can push-start my sister's car on a good day); I'm a good shot with my rubber dart pistol; I retain information that is completely useless to anyone but me; people trust me instantly
11. Hobbies: Does tormenting my sister count as a hobby? *LOL*
12. Likes: Water; music; muscle cars; spending time with friends; movies; science fiction; horror movies
13. Dislikes: Pretty perfect people (it's unnatural); feeling paranoid; werewolves; onions; throwing up (or being sick, in general)

14. Color? Why?: Blue, water is blue, I like water, so therefore I like blue
15. Animal? Why?: do mythological creatures count? If so, then I like Pegasus. What's cooler than a winged horse.
16. Quote? Why?: I don't really have one.
17. Music? Why?: Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Timbaland, One Republic, Snow Patrol. Just a few of my favourites, I don't have any reason why I love them, I just do. I have them on continuous repeat most days.
18. Season (Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer)? Why?: Fall. I love seeing the leaves change colour.
19. Chuck character? Why?: Sarah (she's a kick-ass chick!) or Casey (he reminds me of Jayne ;)
20. Least favorite Chuck character? Why?: I don't know...Captain Awesome I guess? He's just a little too perfect?

Which one? Explain each choice.
21. Mature or Immature: Immature. Kids get the best toys, why should the adults miss out (goes back to playing Operation)
22. Leader or Follower: Either/Or. I can pick up the leader's job if no one else will but I'd be more likely to be a follower. I'm lazy.
23. Optimistic or Pessimistic: Optimistic with sever pessimistic tendencies. I think the best but imagine the worst, if that makes any sort of sense?
24. Outgoing or Shy: My friends say outgoing. Which is strange because I really do consider myself shy a lot of the time.
25. Freewill or Fate: Freewill would be so much more interesting!
26. Impulsive or Cautious: I'm too cautious a lot of the time. I very rarely show any impulsive tendencies.
27. Social or Anti-Social: Social with my friends but anti-social with people I don't know.
28. Calm or Hyper: 50/50 maybe? I hyper myself into a state of exhaustion a lot of the time, then I'm calm.
29. Family or Friends: Family, my mum is the best person in the world!
30. Activity or Quiet: Quiet, you can hear more when it's quiet.
31. Justice or Compassion: Compassion, we're only human after all.
32. Would you rather be a Buy More employee or a CIA/NSA agent? Why? Oh for sure I'm going to say CIA/NSA, what's more awesome than a government agent type? They get the best weapons, the coolest toys to play with, and they usually get the girl...or guy :P

33. Description of your appearance or recent picture(s): 5'5", brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin, not skinny, great breasts tho!
34. Anything else you want to include?: Not right now
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Green_Wing: kitten - evil laughgreen_wing on June 14th, 2008 04:56 am (UTC)
*LOL* sorry, but wow, you are just totally screaming Casey right now :D
I love it!
cait the great~heartoutofstone on December 20th, 2008 05:01 pm (UTC)
I was going to go with Casey until I saw you picked compassion over justice, so now I'm going to say Sarah. :)