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29 November 2008 @ 09:56 pm
1. Name: Becky
2. Age: 19
3. Gender: Girl...or female if we wanna be all proper-like. haha
4. Do you care if you're stamped as a guy or a girl? Character wise? no, not really. guys and girls can be likeable/cool so i'm not too picky

5. Three Words (or more) to Describe Yourself: Emotional, Loyal, Awkward
6. Strengths: my Loyalty for sure, Graphic Making (sometimes, it really depends of the piece),  Maths and Chemistry (unfortunately, 'cause i don't really enjoy them...)...
7. Weaknesses: Really self-conscious sometimes aaand...emotional...and awkward...
8. Dreams: oh, i wanna act really badly. but i'm kind of a realist so i realize that's highly unlikely to happen... or I'd like to write a best seller or win an oscar for a screenplay or for best director or something like that would be really cool too...and i wanna save a life before i die.
9. Fears: Falling and worms. I really don't like worms.
10. Talents: Uh. I'm a funny person, and i really mean that in the least cocky way. People at my work tell me I'm funny...I like making people laugh :). And i guess my graphic making would be a talent. :)
11. Hobbies: Role Play (yup. i do that haha), making movies with Window Movie Maker, watching movies/tv, writing, reading...
12. Likes: I like a lot of things...this question really shouldn't be this hard, but for some reason it is O-o
13. Dislikes: I am allergic to peanuts, so i don't like them because they try to kill me, i don't like cocky/over-confident people or rude people. selfish people...and i don't like worms, hence the fear of them...huh. i really thought i'd dislike more things but eh. haha

14. Color? Why?: Blue. I've just always liked it. I'm quite fond of Pink as of late, too....
15. Animal? Why?: Horses. I just think they're beautiful.
16. Quote? Why?: i have a couple. One: Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive (i just thought it was cute. it makes me smile and it helps because i do tend to take things too seriously sometimes), and the entire poem The Good Morrow by John Donne. it's gorgeous.
17. Music? Why?: I'll listen to almost anything.
18. Season: Summer
19. Chuck character? Why?: Chuck or Sarah. Chuck because he's just adorable. i mean...how can you not like Chuck? He's cute, he's funny, he's smart, he has his moments of bravery, he's selfless, he loves his family and his friends. He's a really good guy! and Sarah is just...super cool. the kind of girl I would wanna hang around with.
20. Least favorite Chuck character? Why?: Hm. Jill, actually. I really didn't like her...

Which one? Explain each choice.
21. Mature or Immature: Depends on the situation. Sometimes, it's okay to be a little childish and muck around in something and just enjoy being immature. At other times you gotta smarten up and be serious. so yeah, both.
22. Leader or Follower: Depends on the crowd...
23. Optimistic or Pessimistic: I'm a bit of both. It changes with my mood. on a good day i can be the most happy-go-lucky person, but if you catch me on a bad day...it's bad. I can get pretty down sometimes...so *shrug* either.
24. Outgoing or Shy: Depends who I'm around/how well I know them. I'm shy when I first meet people or if i'm interested in a guy, but with my friends i'm really outgoing.
25. Freewill or Fate: I have this big huge theory on fate that i won't get in to because it's a long one haha. It's like a combination of the two.
26. Impulsive or Cautious: Depends. ;) I think i've said that for every one of these last questions! haha
27. Social or Anti-Social: I prefer picky. Not Anti-social, necessarily. I'm just...cautious about who i trust and who i hang around with...i've been kicked (metaphorically) one too many times, i think. haha
28. Calm or Hyper: ...you're gunna hate me: depends. lmao
29. Family or Friends: I consider my best friend a member of my family. they're both very important to me.
30. Activity or Quiet: Sometimes i wanna go out and be around people, doing stuff. at other times, i really like my alone time.
31. Justice or Compassion: Compassion.
32. Would you rather be a Buy More employee or a CIA/NSA agent? Why? CIA/NSA Agent for sure! Saving lives would be the most amazing thing! plus you get to be all kick ass and...awesome. it'd be great! it'd be a super exciting and useful way to live your life.

33. Description of your appearance or recent picture(s): 5'5", I dye my hair often, so right now it's like a light brownish-red, about shoulder length. I'm a pretty average build. I'm not overweight, but i'm not super skinny either. just kinda in the middle.
34. Anything else you want to include?: i don't think so...:)
badcompany215badcompany215 on December 21st, 2008 05:12 am (UTC)
oh yay!
thank you very much :)