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12 February 2008 @ 11:43 pm
i guess i'll be first! get a shower hippie!  
1. Name: Jordan!
2. Age: 19
3. Gender: Female, yes.
4. Do you care if you're stamped as a guy or a girl? Nope, although I thought it was a tragedy that Lou wasn't listed as a character, she was my favorite lmao.

5. Three Words (or more) to Describe Yourself: Loving, playful, loyal.
6. Strengths: My loyalty, my intelligence.
7. Weaknesses: Definitely being too nice. And I'm not the most honest person all the time. And I need a lot of approval.
8. Dreams: To win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, although my biggest dream is to be an actress :[
9. Fears: Snakes, heights, sharks, being alone.
10. Talents: Writing, I can play the Sax pretty well?
11. Hobbies: Writing, reading, video games, that sorta thing. Going to shows! Sitting on the computer all day and night!
12. Likes: Really, I like a lot of things. Music, being online, going to shows, writing, hanging out with friends, driving around, exploring new places.
13. Dislikes: Not being listened to is probably the biggest thing, but thats about it.

14. Color? Why?: Silver or Orange. If you don't think metallics are colors, then I'll go with orange because its fun and carefree and exciting.
15. Animal? Why?: Definitely the koala, I think. Or those White faced Capuchin monkeys because they're so damn cute.
16. Quote? Why?: "
17. Music? Why?: I couldn't pick just one genre, because I essentially listen to everything, although I'm a little light on the rap and the country. Just whatever has good lyrics and good music, you know?
18. Season (Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer)? Why?: Spring and Fall, I can't really pick, but thats the best temperature and the most fun for me.
19. Chuck character? Why?: Lou! Unless I have to pick a main character and then it would be Chuck which is kind of a cop out but I love Lou because there were so many ways that they could take her character and I really hope they bring her back because she was so interesting and fun and kinda left you wanting more from her. Ellie is up there too.
20. Least favorite Chuck character? Why?: I don't really have one! I know that feels like a cop out too, but I don't have a character that I really really dislike. Morgan kinda gets on my nerves a little bit, but thats about it.

Which one? Explain each choice.
21. Mature or Immature: I'd say a healthy mix of both, because if you're too mature, you don't really have a sense of humor, but if you're too immature, you can't ever really grow up.
22. Leader or Follower: Leader. Its just more fun to make the decisions and help people out instead of blindly going with the flow.
23. Optimistic or Pessimistic: Optimistic. Seriously, who wants to look at the bad things in life? Its too short to focus on the bad things.
24. Outgoing or Shy: Outgoing! Its like being a pessimist. If you just focus on the bad things, thats all you'll see. If you just focus on being scared of people and new experiences, then thats all you'll do. You won't participate and life will pass you right by.
25. Freewill or Fate: Oh man. I think, we can make our own decisions but some things are just already set out for us. The big things, you know?
26. Impulsive or Cautious: I'm definitely impulsive, because I usually have to learn the hard way. Whats the fun in being cautious anyway?
27. Social or Anti-Social: Social! Its like the shy thing. Why not, right?
28. Calm or Hyper: I'm definitely calmer than I used to be because hyper gets on my nerves. I get giddy and excited for a lot of things but I'm not so hyper anymore.
29. Family or Friends: Family. Friends can come and go but family is forever, no matter what.
30. Activity or Quiet: Activity. I always have to be doing something, I hate sitting and not doing anything.
31. Justice or Compassion: Compassion. If there were more compassion in the world, we'd all be a lot happier.
32. Would you rather be a Buy More employee or a CIA/NSA agent? Why? I think the obvious answer would be a CIA/NSA agent, just because of the intrigue and the adventure, you know? But, and I think this is my favorite part of the show, if you think about what you have to give up to live a life like that, even being a Buy More employee is preferable to me. My life would be nothing without my friends and my family. And to not be able to have that just so I could go to exotic places and do crazy things? Not so much.

33. Description of your appearance or recent picture(s): I'm on the right in the plaid jacket!

34. Anything else you want to include?: Not that I can remember!
jordan jayalreadyletgo on June 7th, 2008 04:05 pm (UTC)
Oh man, haha I love Lou, thank you!